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Tying Fashion To Success

Tying Fashion To Success

  • Substantial's been telling stories since early 2012. Here's one from the archives.
Mr. Jamar Sampson
Owner/Lead Designer of QualiTies

This young man is dedicated and has a vision to change the lives of other young men around the nation. Jamar Sampson could very well be one of the most driven people you will ever meet. He views his failures as opportunities and converts his doubts into motivation.

Jamar: If someone doubts my success, I feel as if I just need to show them a little something more.

SM: Jamar is a 21-year-old graduate of East Carolina University. He has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Business Administration. Jamar says he truly doesn’t have a hometown. He grew up in Bamberg, Germany as a child and currently lives in Greenville, NC. Jamar is the owner of QualiTies. A company with the main goal of empowering young people around the world to dress for success and feel good about what they are wearing.

Jamar: With this in mind, we strive to create new fashion-able ties/accessories for both unique style and professional purposes.” Our target market is high-school/college male students between the ages of 18-25.

SM: Tell our readers how you came about the idea for QualiTies.

Jamar: To be completely honest, my mother first pitched the idea for the business after I asked her to sew a custom tie when I was in my senior year of high school. I did not take the gesture seriously until a few months, many compliments, and a couple of bowties later. As I started to become more interested in menswear and the idea of maturing into a well-rounded gentleman, I got to work on making the business a reality. The rest is history-in-the-making.

SM: How do the goals of your company align with the upward mobility of minority males in the communities you serve?

Jamar: As you can see in our company objective, our business is the young man behind the tie (first and foremost). It is often the case where minority youth lack the mentorship/guidance to learn about etiquette; needless to say men’s fashion. We believe that fashion is a language and we use this to communicate with the next generation. As the brand grows, we plan to do activities to reach our objective to mentor young men by partnering with non-profits to hold successful workshops, fundraising, and community events.

SM: As with most new businesses, there are times when the journey to success seems overwhelming. What motivates you to keep pushing forward to make QualiTies the absolute best it can be? In other words what keeps you focused on your mission?

Jamar: I was actually just telling a colleague of mine that being “Mr. QualiTies’, ‘The Bowtie guy’, ‘the guy with the tie-business’ is about 20% glitz and glamour and 80% HARD work/rigorous times. What keeps me going is the support from the various communities I’ve lived in. I grew up in Bamberg Germany from ’97-05’, lived in Fayetteville NC from 05’ to 10’, and moved to Greenville NC upon graduating in 2010 from High School.

I say that to say that I have received numerous texts, phone calls, facebook messages, twitter mentions, etc. from each of these communities telling me that I’m doing a great job and that QualiTies is going somewhere. When you hear from your best friend in 7th grade who you haven’t seen in over 8 years tell you that they will catch a plane to your web-shop launch party, you know that you have true support and have to stay focused.

SM: What does the future of QualiTies look like; where do you envision it will be in five to ten years?

Jamar: In the next five to seven years, you should be able to walk into our first shop. There you will be greeted by our customer service representative with a smile and hear something like “Hello welcome to QualiTies, my name is ______ and I’ll be assisting you today. What occasion are you shopping for?…and so on” That’s all I can tell you all for now. You’ll have to see the rest pan out. However, in the near future, you should see us launching our visual website by the end of this year leading to an official web-shop launch sometime in 2014.

SM: If you had unlimited resources how would you grow your company?

Jamar: Ooh, not sure if I can tell you all of that. Never know who’s reading this awesome magazine (haha) but I will tell you that you would see headlines about a young CEO strategically revolutionize the market for men’s accessories. About 30 million neckties are sold per year. I’m willing to guess that only a small percentage of those are hand-sewn and custom made to the customer’s specifications. I believe that can change. “The suit makes the offer but the tie seals the deal”, You can quote me on that one (jokingly).

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SM: What makes QualiTies standout from other companies with the same objective?

Jamar: Simply put: Our vision and objective. Our cause is bigger than our product and that’s why our company is substantial. I would be lying if I told you there are not many other companies that make handcrafted accessories. Our difference is the reason we put so much love, care, and detail in our products. We believe that positive self-image leads to a better future and we are going to our job to provide. Every Single Tie, Every Single Time.

SM: What three adjectives best describe your company’s commitment to improving the appearance and confidence of your clients?

Jamar: I really like this question. I would have to say: Determined, Considerate, Enthusiastic

SM: Final question, what would you say is the most important lesson learned that helped you overcome self-doubt and embrace how substantial you are as a young entrepreneur?

Jamar: Honestly, self-doubt never really came into the picture with QualiTies. In my personal life, that’s a different story. What I had to learn is that it’s all cohesive. Jamar Ivan Sampson the student, entrepreneur, mentee, mentor, son, etc. is a great individual and that I will be great in anything as long as I put God first and seek His guidance. With the help of others to uplift me during hard times, and acknowledge the milestones I’ve already met, I have no choice but to recognize myself as SUBSTANTIAL.

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