Substantial Awards



There is nothing minor about our community.
We are Substantial and so is our work!”

The Mission

The Substantial Awards aims to recognize the success and vitality of the minority community. This unique annual awards program has been established specifically to acknowledge, encourage and celebrate excellence amongst the minority community by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable exposure and well-deserved recognition for their work in business and community.

The Vision

The Substantial Awards committee believes in the importance of recognizing those who dedicate themselves to improving the minority community. The Substantial Awards ceremony was established to say thank you to Eastern NC minority/women business owners and community leaders; who serve as role models and inspire future generations.

A Substantial Award is a symbol of the heart, industriousness, and belief in greater rewards. It represents the support of the major brands, agencies and small communities saying its recipient is a flagship of the values we all believe in. It is our goal to raise awareness of the incredible impact our minority community can have when we reach beyond ourselves to make a difference.


  • Put on display the honor, dedication, and stories of success in our local community.
  • Celebrate the positive achievements of minorities.
  • Set a larger, more inclusive stage for local arts and culture.
  • Bring the power of community and industry together to further promote both.

Our Past Honorees

Names and images coming soon.

The 2014 Substantial Awards


The 2015 Substantial Awards 

The 2016 Substantial Awards

The 2017 Substantial Awards


The 2018 Substantial Awards 

The 2019 Substantial Awards

The Perfect Partnership 

Substantial Magazine

Our motto simply stated: “We are substantial and so is our purpose.” This is why we jumped at the opportunity to team up with NC Civil and the City of Greenville’s MWBE Program to develop the Substantial Awards for the Minority Enterprise Development Week Celebration. The Substantial Awards is a night dedicated to honoring, celebrating and telling the stories of our unsung minority heroes.

NC Civil

We are the Community and Industry Value Interactionist League – a non-profit here in Greenville NC. Our work is community development and creative youth programming. NC CIVIL remains active, establishing and maintaining working relationships with local community groups, local government organizations, and private industries for continued projects, programs and events.

The philosophy is that these three sectors make up the path of progress that at risk youth remain alienated from. Our unique ability to engage all three sectors as well as our young people allows us the unique opportunity to weave young people into the roles of functional society.

Minority Enterprise Development Week (MED Week)

Since 2010, the City of Greenville and Greenville Utilities Commission Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) Program has taken the lead in recognizing the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of our minority and women business communities through its annual MED Week Celebration.

Partnering with the Pitt County Development Commission and the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development (NCIMED) as well as various business owners, MED Week, which began as a one day event, has blossomed into a week-long celebration. Substantial Magazine and NC Civil have teamed up to present the Substantial Awards in celebration of MED Week Celebration.