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President & CEO Greg Hedgepeth Appears On Black Issues Forum

President & CEO Greg Hedgepeth Appears On Black Issues Forum

Black Issues Forum

Our President & CEO Greg Hedgepeth recently appeared on the PBS North Carolina Black Issues Forum show to weigh in on Vice President Kamala Harris’ tone on immigration, NC lawmakers’ effort to end the extra federal unemployment benefits, and the touch penalty an Asheboro High student paid for wearing the Mexican flag over his gown during a graduation ceremony.

The Black Issues Forum is a local public television program presented by PBS NC and hosted by Deborah Holt Noel.

The weekly program represents and addresses the relevant issues that shape, affect, and define African Americans. Each half-hour presents a diverse panel of guests to discuss topics such as politics, society, health, education, justice, entertainment, technology, public policy, media and celebrity. Through this forum, viewers are provided with information that they can use to improve their lives and the world around them.

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