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#MEDWeek2020 Lourdes Caballero

#MEDWeek2020 Lourdes Caballero

maxima services llc
Lourdes (Lulu) Caballero, Owner of Maxima Services LLC Greenville NC
Lourdes (Lulu) Caballero, Owner of Maxima Services LLC

Lourdes (Lulu) Caballero knows a thing or two about resiliency. The Peru native is the owner and operator of Maxima Services, a local provider of OSHA training, construction health and safety, flagger certification, and first aid courses in the Greenville NC area. Her mantra is ‘Protecting Workers Through Education’. Substantial sat down with the local business owner to talk about her journey as a minority owned business in Greenville NC

Tell us about your barriers to entry into business in the US? 

Some of the barriers were start-up costs, lack of business management skills/knowledge, and education.  But I started believing in myself and set my goals to become stronger and face anything. But  it did not happen overnight. I immigrated from Peru, learned English, learned to drive, and adapted to a new culture. It was a big challenge, but it was not impossible either. I used to work cleaning houses and restaurants while still preparing myself to take a step forward, owning my own business. It was my dream

How important was it for you to obtain continuing education? Education empowers me to be proactive and become more secure in my personal and professional development. It keeps me in the path of my field to be able to confidently approach clients, and  the community, as well as demonstrate the knowledge of my scope of practice in both languages (Spanish and English). 

Why construction? What made you interested in going into this field? There is a lack of safety and health training/understanding in the workplace due to language barriers. This encouraged me to do something, so I became an OSHA authorized Construction Industry Trainer. It’s an important part of the construction process that many people don’t realize. 

What is the difference between a construction laborer and a consultant? Both specialties are important and provide the same efficiency on their own scope of practice.  Construction laborers perform the work and consultants evaluate, train, and advise before the work is done. It’s almost like how we use our bodies – most people use more than one arm, and more than one leg in their daily routines, but we need both to be a complete functional body. We need each other to make the difference and be more efficient. Together we become stronger. 

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Tell us the importance of making sure that bilingual classes are offered to construction professionals? It takes a business owner with good moral values to respect a human being in general and enforce the PRIMARY responsibility of his business to provide a safe environmental workplace and training in the language that workers will understand in order to avoid accidents and tragedies. 

How has volunteer work helped you in your career? We have volunteered for different organizations for almost 18 years in NC. The fulfilling feeling of giving back to the community affirms that we are doing something good for our state. Businesswise…..we help each other as a team. This is the way our businesses (my husband’s and my own) say thank you to the community. 

For more information on Maxima Services, visit them on the web at

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