Hayti Reborn

Hayti Reborn is a revitalization project inclusive of the redevelopment of the community surrounding Fayetteville Street Corridor in Durham, North Carolina without displacing the community and while ensuring their needs are at the core of all development plans. 

Community members with a shared vision launched this initiative to invest in parts of historic Durham that have gone ignored.

What You Need to Know 
  • Durham community members are trying to breathe life into a historic part of Durham called Hayti 
  • An intiative help the area called Hayi Reborn is being launched 
  • Businesses and homes were torn down in the 1950s for a freeway, but community was never restored 

Public forum

We need your voice and your opinion. Please share your thoughts below.

Here’s a direct link to the Pol.is forum if you have trouble viewing it within this webpage.

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