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#CLTMEDWeek2021 Erica Hubbard

#CLTMEDWeek2021 Erica Hubbard

When you think of the construction industry, most people immediately think of the nuts and bolts involved. But what you don’t see is the support services behind every project. On every major construction project there are service providers who ensure the cleanliness, safety, and supply management on every site. 

Erica Hubbard is the Founder & CEO of All Things Professional where she plays a large part in the daily operations of complex commercial projects in the Charlotte area. Her company, All Things Professional has been operating in the Charlotte area since 2006. According to Hubbard, the company grew so fast that she found herself learning new ways to serve her clientele that were not a part of her original vision. 

Photo Courtesy of Erica Hubbard, All Things Professional

What began as a commercial cleaning services company, has now grown into a multi-faceted firm that also offers transportation, trucking, and hauling services. With each new layer of business, Hubbard continues to make sure her core values are front and center on each new project. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, the company quickly responded to their customers’ needs by adopting new protocols. This required Hubbard to take a more active role in physically inspecting every job her staff completed. “It’s important to me to make sure that everything is thoroughly inspected in order to ensure that our customers are always satisfied”, says Hubbard. The company’s thorough inspection processes are what has allowed the company to not only sustain itself during the pandemic, but also grow and add additional service areas. All Things Professional has maintained a stellar reputation in the Charlotte area that continues to bring repeat clients year after year. 


One of the things that sets the company apart is their “family first” philosophy. There is a strong company culture where hard work and quality lies at the forefront of its daily operations. One of the first projects that the company worked on was the 400,000 sq. ft. Nascar Hall of Fame. Hubbard and her growing team provided continuous cleaning; a service that is often required on long term commercial construction projects. The level of service provided on that project opened doors for the company to go on to provide services for buildings ranging from 12,000 to 200,000 sq. ft. Throughout the process, Hubbard soon realized that she had to address her role as a woman owned minority business in a male dominated environment. Her response to the obstacle of being stereotyped in that industry was to provide a level of service that rivaled her company. During the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, the company made an immediate shift to be proactive in extra safety protocols that adhered to state and local regulations. Because the company already utilized eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly processes, it was an easy adjustment for the entire staff. 

“Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. If I had remained rigid and afraid, my business would not have grown past the first year. I have never been afraid to adjust to growth”

– Erica Hubbard, All Things Professional
Nascar Hall of Fame, Charlotte NC. Photo Courtesy of


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A major factor in the success of the company’s expansion was their ability to quickly fill in the gaps for their customer’s needs. Hubbard expanded to offer transportation, hauling, and trucking services to her client base. With an already trusted network of clients and qualified service providers, it was an easy transition that has positioned the company to fulfill their clients’ needs at various levels of their business journey. 

As a woman business owner, Hubbard knows that the key to growing her company is to stay a step ahead of the competition at all times. Her ability to embrace flexibility and adjust to changes without compromising quality has created a brand promise that ensures that “All Things” are reliable, efficient, and always Professional. 

For more information on All Things Professional visit their website at

Photo Courtesy of All Things Professional
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